The TrekkieBeth/danregal Photo Contest


It’s Yulemas season and that means it’s time to give out a few gifts! Beth and I have decided we’re going to give away some 8x10 prints of our best Steam Powered Giraffe photos. We feel so privileged to not only be a part of the SPG fandom, but to live in SoCal and be able to see them perform regularly, that we wanted to share the love. OK, you say, enough of the mushy stuff, what can I win!?! Rest easy, the answers are available mere pixels away…


  • No purchase necessary
  • The contest starts when this post goes live
  • The contest ends Saturday December 22nd, 2012 at 9AM Pacific time
  • To enter reblog and/or like this post (replies don’t count)
  • Each person can have up to two entries (one like/one reblog) but may only win one prize
  • There will be 10 winners - Prize List is below
  • Winners will be chosen using a random number generator
  • Prize winners will be notified by December 25th
  • Each prize winner starting with first place will select their photos from the list below
  • Winners will have 24 hours to pick their photos or we will pick them and move on to the next winner
  • Winners who get more than 1 photo can only pick 1 photo of each robot/human (spread the love)
  • Most of the photos will be signed (check back for updates as we get them signed at the Yulemas shows)
  • danregal and TrekkieBeth will ship the photos via USPS First Class mail at no charge to the winners
  • The contest is open to anyone worldwide (as long as First Class mail is an option)
  • We reserve the right to alter the rules, change the prizes, or cancel an entry/the contest at any time
  • We are doing this for fun, please participate (or not) with that in mind
  • This contest is not run or endorsed by Steam Powered Giraffe LLC (legalese and all that)


  • First Place - Four 8x10 photos
  • Second Place - Three 8x10 photos
  • Third Place - Three 8x10 photos
  • Fourth Place - Two 8x10 photos
  • Fifth Place - Two 8x10 photos
  • Sixth Place - Two 8x10 photos
  • Seventh Place - One 8x10 photo
  • Eighth Place - One 8x10 photo
  • Ninth Place - One 8x10 photo
  • Tenth Place - One 8x10 photo

Here are the 20 photos winners will be able to choose from:



The Spine
Michael Reed
Steve Negrete
Thank you and Good Luck!
James and Beth
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